kits precision cut for quick assemble!

join in the fun and excitement of combat flying events with very little cost per plane!

This kit is a new 28” wing span EPS foam electric combat war bird kit, which will require assembly and radio gear. It is on the cutting edge of this new competition and sport. Your kit comes with complete instructions on a CD, EPS foam airframe, motor stick mount, wing rigid spar member and complete decal sheets. This is for a semi-experienced pilot. It's not a beginner aircraft. This plane can do loops, rolls and other aerobatic maneuvers while towing a 15 foot ribbon, plus it can be flown anywhere. The finish average weight of the airframe is about 2 ounces.

This plane goes together faster than most ARF (all ready finished) planes on today’s market, less than 2 hours building time to completion.

Closely guarded secrets of building, rigging and motor set-up are revealed on the instruction CD plus "The Rules Of Engagement" contest rules and aircraft specifications for electric combat competition events.

This is the only airplane on the market that one can duplicate again and again, clone the exact aircraft in every way, time after time.

With a GWS 300 or 350 geared motor (not included) this plane will carry a 15 foot ribbon and maneuver within a tight combat skybox. It's an adrenalin rush you won't soon forget to make a cut and compete with others.

To answer many questions: You may use a geared brushless motor, CD or AXI type brushless on it as well. It just won't be combat legal unless entered in some new unlimited class.


* Weight: 8-10 oz flying weight
* Wingspan: 28"
* Motor: GWS 350 BS/BB, GWS 350 CS/BB
* Servos: 2, elevator and aileron
* Battery: 2s1050 of 2s1000



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